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5 Habits That Men Routinely Fall In Love With

Most men weren’t exactly taught how to express their feelings while growing up. So it can be tricky sometimes for them to let their partner know about their emotional and physical needs.

And this leads to all sorts of misunderstandings and unfulfilled expectations, which can put a wedge between you two.

Luckily, I’m here to give you the inside track to how men think. Drawing from my own experience and from helping my clients, here are the Top 5 Habits That Make Men Crazy About You:

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Top 3 Ways To Make Him Love You Like Crazy

Do you find yourself falling hard for that special guy? Is your heart just full of love and affection for him, but don’t know how to show it?

Maybe you’re worried that he might find you too intense and back off, or you’re worried that he might fall into someone else’s arms.

Whatever the case may be, I got 5 awesome ways to make him feel an intense, burning desire for you.

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The Surprising Reason Men Always Choose Certain Women

(And constantly reject or overlook others)

Tanya had been told she was “amazing”, “A great catch” “cool” and “total girlfriend material” by the men she’d dated…

But all their seemingly kind words just made her feel worse.

Because the cold, hard truth was:

No matter how great they SAID she was, they still weren’t CHOOSING her.

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